We’re an Australian architecture and design studio, applying a unique lens to design leadership across architecture, interiors and urban design.

Established in 1983, Studio.SC is a leading practice in architecture, interior design and urban design throughout Australia and beyond.

With studios in Sydney and Melbourne, our diverse portfolio reflects our commitment to innovative and impactful design. From iconic projects across public and cultural spheres to transformative endeavours in urban regeneration, multi-residential and mixed-use precincts, we consistently deliver excellence across all dimensions of the built environment.

Guided by four passionate directors and a team of progressive thinkers, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design with unwavering ambition, creativity and expertise.


The buildings that shape our cities. The spaces that invite discovery. The communities that inspire better lives. They all form elements of our expertise across architecture, interiors and urban design – with a common thread being the drive to create places that aren’t just part of the world. They’re a part of what’s possible.


Buildings and precincts should do more than catch the eye. They should offer something new to the environment – and adapt as the changing times demand of them.

Our architectural process guides us towards these finished products. The focus is on designing sustainable, timeless buildings that offer something unexpected (but never impractical). On reducing our environmental footprint at every step and increasing the economic and social benefits to client and community. We’re not just interested in how a built form looks. We’re inspired by how it feels, how it’s used and how it endures.

Every architectural project we bring to the world is shaped through deep partnership. Whether they’re for public, private or commercial use. Whether they’re small in scale or larger mixed-use locations. We’ll listen to what’s needed, learn where the best opportunities exist – and then lead the project through a proven design methodology towards its best, most inspiring outcome.

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Interior Design

A building’s exterior will naturally catch people’s eye – but it’s what inside that can really leave a lasting impression. We design interiors with an eye for the user experience – finding the ideal balance of function and aesthetic.

When you enter a space designed by Studio.SC – whether it’s to dine, rest, work, be entertained or beyond – you’ll feel a seamless connection to the architecture of the building itself. The two co-exist, to elevate every visitor’s experience.

To realise these interiors, we embed interior design thinking from the earliest stages of our projects. There’s no before or after – just a cohesive, collective approach that sees architecture and interior complementing each other throughout the design and delivery process.

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Urban Design

At its core, urban design is about connection. Between people and place. City and form. The natural surroundings and the built environment. We draw on our experience in architectural masterplanning to realise engaging, activated urban places.

Working on major, multi-year strategic masterplans and planning proposals means creating locations that can flex and adapt as needed to meet changing market expectations, public and private uses. While this flexibility is fundamental, it never comes at the cost of connection to place. We uncover the most sustainable next steps for each specific site – tthen use strong Urban Design and connection-to-place principles to shape a precinct that reflects the future of our cities.

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Our experience takes shape across strategy, design and delivery. In short, we uncover the opportunity, imagine the potential and then make it real at every stage for our clients.


We help clients unlock true value through strategic design thinking in feasibilities, business cases, masterplanning, planning proposals and more.

Pre-Design Advisory

Connecting clients with opportunities through our deep industry network and briefing nouse.

Strategic Design

Design and advice across feasibility, business case, due diligence, masterplan and planning proposal phases.


We use fast-thinking, fast-moving, cross-sector expertise to realise purpose-driven designs – with a deep sense of place and an unexpected edge.

Concept Design

Concept Design, Design Competition, Concept Validation, Schematic Design, Marketing and Project Visualisation phases.

Development Application Design

Development Application, SSD Application, Masterplan DA, S4.55 Pathways and Strategies.

Detailed Design Documentation

Detailed Design, Tender Documentation, Contractor Selection for D&C, Lump Sum, TFP and all other procurement pathways.


We deliver built environments. We deliver on the design promise. And we deliver above and beyond what’s expected.

Construction Documentation

Construction Documents, Working Drawings and Construction Detailing.

Construction Services

Construction Observation, Shop Drawing Review, Verification, Certificaion and Contract Administration Service.

Post-Design Services

Post-Occupancy Evaluations, As-Built Documentation, As-Designed Documentation.


Our experience isn’t limited to one sector. It is, however, unlimited in what it can make possible for the places we create. By sharing ideas, thinking and design principles between sectors, we can develop unexplored or unexpected solutions to sector-specific challenges.


Every residential development has the power to transform lives for the better. We apply this perspective to managed and market residential projects of all kinds – from urban scale multi-residential precincts, to boutique apartments and bespoke retirement living spaces.


Our work spans theatre spaces, public infrastructure, culture and the arts. Each project is informed by bespoke design and technical solutions – and led to completion through an approach that brings all stakeholders on the journey.


We design and deliver commercial places that perform for the long term. Our work in this sector covers new build, repositioning, fitout and mixed-use. Along with the buildings themselves, we also consider the asset strategy, ground plane and how commercial developments engage with the public domain.


We create uniquely engaging experiential projects across hotels, resorts, hospitality, food and beverage, retail spaces and clubs. They’re all led by a focus on engaging the senses and creating memorable experiences – so that visitors feel compelled to come back again and again.


A culture of curiosity (and making it reality). We’re proud to be a studio where what’s possible through design is put into practice every day. That can’t happen through process alone. It’s through the fearless thinking and collaborative nature of our people that we see game-changing places taking shape.

Our Culture

Our culture is optimistic, ambitious and inviting. Being a part of our team means being a part of great work. If you’ve got the drive to do things differently – and exceptionally – you’ll find space here to make it happen.

Connecting with Country

Studio.SC acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of Country and pays respect to elders past and present. We’re committed to creating a genuine reconciliation and connection with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities. 


Studio.SC integrates sustainable practices at both the studio and project levels, driven by our ISO 14001 Environmental Management, Sustainability Strategy, and Carbon Neutral certifications. 


Studio.SC is proud of our extensive range of accreditation and certifications, enabling us to lead high-profile, complex projects and extensive stakeholder teams.

Design Technology

Studio.SC embeds digital and design technologies into each stage of every project. We integrate the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM), Computational Design, and Artificial Intelligence tools into our rigorous design processes to improve outcomes, realise efficiencies, and enhance communication.