National Design Competition Win – A Cultural Icon: The Australian War Memorial

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Architectural firm Studio.SC is honoured to announce our recent win in the National Design Competition for the new southern entrance at the Australian War Memorial.

The Australian War Memorial is an enduring, culturally significant symbol of remembrance that commemorates those who gave their lives for our nation. It is a physical representation of pride, honour, courage and sacrifice. It is our history living through the memory of our stories, a national institution.

“We are proud to be tasked with the responsibility of creating spaces through which all can experience significant moments in our nations’ history within an iconic cultural institution. Working with the Australian War Memorial provides us with the opportunity to not only create a place of strong architectural significance, but to also create a place that inspires a connection to the intangible,” said Doug Southwell, Director Studio.SC.

The new southern entrance is the beginning and end of the journey through the Memorial and a place to orientate and connect, through both the physical and the intellectual. It is a place to commemorate those who served and honour who they are; to reflect on what they experienced; and to understand the record they left behind.

Director Nicholas Bandounas said the design solution required a sensitive and crafted approach and a responsibility to evolve the original vision.

“An opportunity for further story-telling was achieved through a new central focal nexus, the Oculus, located to the heart of the new southern entrance. The Oculus not only visually and physically connects to the existing Memorial, but also allows for the provision of experiential and emotionally inspired moments in the spatial planning.”.

The Oculus also marks the beginning and end of the journey for all visitors and provides a holistic and seamless experience through the Memorial proper.

At Studio.SC we are excited to work with the Australian War Memorial and the consultant team to bring this project to life and look forward to sharing this journey with all of Australia.

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